Friday, January 29, 2010

my wish list

dear god/santa/someone listening:

i am blessed beyond compare. i have the most wonderful daughter ever made. i have my health. i have a job that provides what i need to sustain myself and my daughter. i have magnificently capable coworkers who provide care for my child she might not receive elsewhere. i have every morning with my miracle thanks to the selfless decision to donate organs made by a family who lost their own child. make no mistake: i have gratitude for miles.

i do have a wishlist, though: a life i envision for myself, and for my munchkin. it includes:

  • a house with wide open spaces, and lots and lots of natural light

  • a clothesline in the backyard
  • a sibling for ashley, to grow with, and play with, and fight with, and love
  • a cast iron bathtub, in a bathroom with a large window
  • time to enjoy these things with my family
  • time to photograph all the moments we share in our space to grow, love, and be.

i am still unsure how we will get from point A to point B, with the many lowercase letter additives in between that may pose problems (like the housing market, and a person to share these things with). but it won't ever come to fruition if i don't make it a goal.

the one thing i know for sure is: i love my daughter with all of my being; and i will savor every last moment with her, wherever we are. and when we find our way to a life that allows the time and gentle pace that we need in order to flourish, it will be even sweeter because we will have made our own way there.

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lightfeather said...

Keep going Camille! Dreams come true friend. They really, really do! Come visit me sometime. So glad you are writing!