Wednesday, June 21, 2006

probably wouldn't if i could

it has been an interesting year. each minute, a lesson. me. searching. i'm still not sure exactly what for. my hair is gone. it felt cumbersome. it had to go, so i could find out what was underneath. hair is security for many women. now i don't have it. forced to be secure with myself. still shaky, i must admit. but a lesson to be learned, all the same.

i have done that for years: forced myself to do things i am afraid of. not all the time. just often enough to make me still feel real. alive. the verdict is in. i'm still here. still me.

can anyone tell me who that is?


alan said...

The difference between black and white and color is amazing...

Not that I cheated or anything!



Toady Joe said...

Jenny / Mia Sorvino ? If not, there's definitely a resemblance.

Bless you for embracing change despite fear.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful...I'm very proud of you Meelo. You are definitely real. MWAH!

Chunks said...

The bravest I have ever felt was the day I shaved my head for a fundraiser. How liberated I felt with no hair/nothing to hide behind was a huge turning point for me.

Glad you are finding your self.

Puffer said...

You are u as always
changing how we look
is freeing, for me
it's what colour can i streak
my hair next?
i am proud of u
for all of the challenges
u have taken on this year.

puhpaul said...

That really is a stunning picture.

I'm so proud of you and Chris for all the struggles and triumphs you have had over the past year. And I am so jealous, I wish I could find a partner that loved me as much as you two love each other.


Misty said...

I love reading your blog and think your new haircut is terrific. You have the kind of face that can wear any hairstyle! And Puffer has the best curls.

Toady Joe said...

OMG I'm so... literal. It's YOU. God, you're beautiful. Hope you took my prior comment as "flattering" because I meant it that way... and really thought it wasn't you but we were supposed to guess... gah... I'll shut up now. *blush*

for_the_lonely said...

I love your new hair cut. It suit you very well. About 5 years ago, I had the same type of cut, but just a tad shorter on top. I was indeed very liberated at the time..wild and carefree. You are right when you say that when women cut their hair, that they are letting go of secutiry. My hair is currently at the longest that it has been in years..perhaps it is time for a snip.

I am proud of you for being true to yourself and others..there's no other way to be.


Sarah said...

In time, I think you will be able to tell yourself..patience is definitely a virtue in this game of life we play.