Friday, June 23, 2006

is it gay in here or is it just me?

tonight i emailed my grandparents (yes, they have dsl and are all over the internet), and told them that i was gay and that i'm moving to canada. i know, i know, email is impersonal blah blah blah, but we don't see one another very often. i haven't told them before now because my parents asked me not to. now with the move approaching, i had to risk it. i'd rather them disapprove of my very soul than be proud of an elaborate lie.

with that little bomb sent out into cyberspace, i am preparing mentally (because i'm at work and that's all i can do) for pride, which begins in less than 24 hours. my kickass friends have come from all over to celebrate all that is bendy while being drunk out of our trees. say it with me, folks: yesssssssss. you straights get 362 days a year to celebrate your straightness. we get this weekend. i am fucking psyched.

side note to amanda: don't be afraid of the lezzies. we won't bite unless you ask us to.

12 days until chris is here. balance. wax on. wax off.

live. love. be.


Puffer said...

balance. that is it.
i need to be there
now. yell 4 me at pride.
maybe say "chris wishes everyone a happy pride"
ok that is stupid
just yell something in my honour.
or honor (the u.s.a way)

alan said...

I could be wrong, but I can't imagine your grandparents loving you any less!

Happy Pride!


Anonymous said...

Have a BLAST my friend!

puhpaul said...

Enjoy the weekend. One of these years I'm going to finally make it to a pride event.


Snades said...

Celebrate Meelo. We will be celebrating a far less exciting event here, but we will raise a glass to you and all at PRIDE. Oh, and our friends are celebrating their first wedding anniversary as well. Now that is something to be proud of. I love Canada for legalizing gay marriage. It is the right thing.

Jenny said...

"Celebrate good times come on...!" That song is in my head as I type this!
Have fun and be proud!

Jen said...

Enjoy your week-end!!! I hope your Grandparents give you the love and support that you deserve.

Sarah said...

Pride is so much fun, I wish we had more of it in the year, too! I was a dyke on a bike this year. SO HOT.

bad apologies said...

What happened!? Did they write back? Were they supportive? How did it end?!