Friday, June 30, 2006

come down to me

music can melt hearts.
mine is an iridescent puddle
with footprints that ripple
inward and disappear.

my mind is no longer
working concretely.
i see strictly in colors
of emotions.

the storm is inside
danger.alarm.get out.
can't get away from myself.

words are worthless.
even if they came
to my aid,
who would hear them?
and if you heard them,
what difference
would it make?

control has forsaken me.
the blues wane inside my chest
while greens ebb.

outside, the incessant drone
of the daily routine
still marches on.
mine and yours.

peace, please find me.
my arms are tired.
my body is too small
to hold so much inside.


alan said...

I swear if I win the Powerball you won't be going through this anymore!


Puffer said...

I will come and find u.

Sarah said...

Soon you'll be together and all will be well.
Chin up girl. You have much goodness coming to you! said...

Breathe ... and reboot.


Sarah said...

Things will get better...they always get better. Have faith and have love, especially for yourself, and you will always land on your feet.

Anonymous said...

I love you sweetie. Breathe.

lightfeather said...

Settle in Camille and let love flow to you and through you.

You are stronger than you know. Let your arms rest and stop flying for a while. All will be fine.