Saturday, June 17, 2006

5:00 news

i know you guys are as tired of hearing the changing information as we are tired of being jerked around emotionally. however, we are back to december for a moving date for yours truly. and damnit, that's when i'm going. 6 months is not a lot of time to prepare for an international move while working, having company for 2 months and taking 3 vacations, but we will do it.

the current dilemma is what to do with my car. when quoted prices from one shipping company, the charges were found to be more than i even owe on the car, so i am disinclined to do that. chris says leave it in the states, we'll come back in the summer and get it. or sell it. but i don't want to start over with a new car payment. she says the roads are too dangerous up north to drive it there in december. anyone got any bright ideas?

wow, moving is going to be interesting, and i don't even have that much stuff! i love my mom so much that i'm going to let her have my dark cherry queen sleigh bed. sniff. so that's all the news for now. i gotta go work hard for the money.


Jen said...

Six months, that's not so bad. I'd say sell the car, I know it's not fun to start with a new payment, perhaps call the dealer and explain the situation...maybe they have a brilliant idea??

Anonymous said...

Well I'm glad it's down to 6 months for y'all! I don't know what to say about the car...if you are definitely going to keep it, I think Chris's idea of leaving it for a bit is a good one. But, what do I know? I've never moved internationally! LOL