Friday, May 05, 2006

my pulse

she's going to be here in 6 days. i'm psyched, my family's psyched, she's ballistic...all this pent up emotion is going to explode when we all finally get to the same place. there will be hundreds upon hundreds of pictures, i'm sure. i have my d60 and new lens in tow. maybe this year i'll actually make it into some of the photos instead of taking them all. either way, good times are on the way. with her. she IS the fun.


alan said...

Smiling with joy for you as you countdown the days!

Looking forward to photos, always!

May your weekend be as wonderful as you are!


Puffer said...

Ballistic is the word
I am totally psyched
See u soon:)

Chunks said...

I love, Love, LOVE reading about the two of you! (Although I feel like a bit of a creeper for rarely posting a comment!)

The two of you seem to have such an intensity and a fire about is just heartwarming to be able to have a glimpse at your love.

(God that sounded dorky!)

Jen said...

Good times ahead for both of you!!! Can't wait for the photos. Pure joy!

Sarah said...

Love is great, isn't it? Enjoy each other you two.

puhpaul said...

Don't forget that as well as having the big coming out party, you also have to celebrate a birthday too.

Looking forward to the pics, paul

for_the_lonely said...

Have a wonderful time! :)


Snades said...

Am I looking after the cats? I forget. Happy Birthday. Think of me for a minute that evening as I demystify the Fraser Institute Rankings at the PAC meeting. That sounds so lame.