Tuesday, May 30, 2006


tanna called me this morning. said "guess where i am?! i'm at giuseppi's, that place we ate dinner at that time on hilton head and then you took us to get ice cream down the road. and grace got chocolate, but you were too full to get any. and the lightning bugs were out, and we all fell asleep in your car before we got home."

that was 4 years ago.

sometimes it's downright scary how similar we are.

i miss my girls. worse than ever.


Puffer said...

K i would like to go those places
and a definite must is lightening bugs
I love u

for_the_lonely said...

...adn I bet that your girls miss you just the same! I hope that you have a chance to see them soon!


Jen said...

Of course you miss them. What angels!! I'm sure they miss you just as much!

Anonymous said...

Of course you miss them! You are wonderful! Thanks for the pictures too.

scribble said...

oh how sweet. I have missed you and thought I would stop by and say hello.

alan said...

Quite a group of beauties there!

I'm beginning to think fun and happiness follow you wherever you are!