Saturday, April 29, 2006


i haven't played SPF in months, so i'm making my own self portrait saturday, even though in one hour it will be sunday. play if you want to.

an obssessive habit of someone i know (2-for-1 baby):

a pouting photo from childhood:

an uncooperative kid:

a lesson courtesy of someone with no qualifications to teach:

someone i miss terribly:


Puffer said...

I can't wait to get there
I have got the painting itch
I used to paint rocks all the time
but then I stopped
maybe I will paint a rock family
again. I made ladybugs once
and bees.
I miss you.
I can't wait to meet all of the above

alan said...

I don't know how anyone could look into those eyes and be uncooperative!

Thank you for your kind words; they mean a lot in this world!

Yes, if your grandmothers don't mind you should spend some time in the kitchen with them! My Dad's Mom lived on her own 'til she was 96; the last few times we visited her before she ended up in a nursing home I left a cassette deck on her table running while she told stories of my Dad and his brothers, my Grandfather, life on the Navajo reservations in the 20's and the 40's and 50's when she and Grandpa were there. If you can record them, hearing those voices will mean a lot someday!