Saturday, March 25, 2006

thank you, ro

Please repent for homsexuality. You will not get into the kingdom of Heaven.

please repent 4 ur bigotry
god is love


for_the_lonely said...

I was glad that she replied to this too...too bad it is sour people like Tiffany that try to ruin her blog...

I hope that you are doing well!

Take care,

Puffer said...

I read that today on her blog
Tiffany bites the big one

Anonymous said...

I read that comment on her site as well and thought "Geez, Tiffany, get a clue already!" I'm glad you posted it too and I agree with Chris...Tiffany does bite the big one! Peace.

Sarah said...

I also read it on her site and thought it was so sad to hear that people truly do think that way. But Rosie and all of us ready and willing to stand up and live our out and proud lives will help bridge the gap of the sexual discrimination we feel so often. We're all human and we all deserve respect and kindness.