Tuesday, March 21, 2006

slight change of plans

the canehdian will be spending 3 months of the summer here now. that's happy news for lots of people here, who are itching to have more time with us - who am i kidding? they want more time with her. the summer will be tons of fun; it is already packed with plans, trips, beaches, parks, roadtrips, flights, shows, you name it, we're going. insanity abounds. did i mention i have a job?

in 3 weeks i will be given the vancouver experience a la danroth. there's nothing like having a handful of enthusiastic canadians ready to show you every possible attraction in 3 days. sunscreen? check. camera? check. tennis shoes? check check check.

2 weeks later, chris gets the georgia experience a la the poss family. who knew we'd get a weekend-long coming out party? this one will require sunscreen, bugspray, tons of wine, and homemade ice cream. check, check, check, check, check.

follow-up report to be presented by christine danroth, who has taken over the photography and authoring responsibilities since i've become a lush. thanks honey.


Puffer said...

Got the camera check check
Got the city mapped out check check
Excited for the coming out in GA
It's going to be good, real good.

for_the_lonely said...

Sounds like fun! :)

puhpaul said...

I'm crushed. I was so looking forward to meeting you in April and now you are only going to make it as far as Vancouver. That's still 500 miles away. Chris has told me why, but I am still sad.

Oh well, I guess it is about you two and not me ;-)
Have fun in Van.


alan said...

Dare I suggest vitamins for you both, and "Chigarid" for her on her visit?


Jen said...

Oh, have a blast in Vancouver..beautiful.
As long as you are together, no matter where!

pack of 2 said...

you are so funny. Sounds like a blast!



Sarah said...

Wow, you're gonna have a blast! I am in Seattle. If you're down here drop me a line!

Leigh said...

Don't forget your rain gear. April showers bring May flowers. This is true for Vancouver. Have lots of fun!