Tuesday, March 07, 2006

for somebody i wish i could see


Puffer said...

I wish I could see u 2
The ball signifies so many things
I love you, I miss you.

Anonymous said...


Snades said...

I recognize that! We are going to be close to you tomorrow Meelo... well, closer than where we are now. We will make sure she communicates frequently...

musterknabe said...

Greetings from switzerland.I am a nurse who is a male. I wish your family and you a good time

pack of 2 said...

I love that ball...it's beautiful.

I hope you are doing well.



Leigh said...

Beautiful! It reminds me of a pure soul.


Sarah said...

I just caught up with your last two posts. Hum, change is good. We can't grow unless we leave our familiarities and wander out into uncomfortable territory. I commend you for braving the unknown! You will have a wonderful person there to hold your hand, which makes all the difference in life.

When ever I try to visit her blog, big hair, I get sent to a literal hair web page. Very annoying.

I agree with you on the goodness of siblings. I would die without my bro. He knows me a different way than my hubby, a different way than any friend. Maybe it has to do with coming from the same womb, maybe it has to do with being so young and formative together. I dunno, but I love him to death. He is the sun to my moon.

I know what you mean about needing to stay away or break ties from some people. It can make life sticky, especaially for friends stuck in the middle, but I don't think that you should cave just to placate others social wants. I am a people pleaser and it took me a while to discover that it is good and healthy to cut ties from some people. It may suck in the short term, especailly socially, but it is healthy in the long run.

You sound well and that makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

moved my blog sweetie.


hope all is well with you.

scribble said...

That is beautiful Camille.
LDR's are so very hard.

(A reply to a question on my blog...
It's all just tiny bits of paper glued on.)
Thanks for being so kind.