Friday, February 24, 2006

i lied. sue me.

i've got to go out of town unexpectedly to be wined and dined by my favorite aunt and uncle. we are long overdue for quality time. i know, i know, this blog is too. i WILL get to it. sleep well knowing my family has been AWESOME and every single day they continue to overwhelm me with love and support. i was prepared for the absolute worst, and they have come through in ways i never would've DREAMED to DARE to imagine they could. i'm serious. i've hardly been able to bask in the relief yet, i've spent so much time being overwhelmed by the facts. i'm still in that place where i've spent so many years mentally preparing for the worst of the WORST, that i cannot even force myself to accept the reality before me. i am lucky. we are lucky. and loved.


Anonymous said...

i absolutely LOVE it when things work out the way they're supposed to! i'm proud of you sweetie. have fun with your family!

puhpaul said...


Puffer said...

I am so happy for you
We expected the worst
and instead were suprised
I am happy our families will
learn from us. I am happy...
No matter what we are all learning
parents included.
It is relieving to me that everyone is supporting you.
I love you. I am so glad you will have a
weekend of being spoiled by your aunt
and uncle. U derserve it!
I am excited to meet your family:)

snaps79 said...

Well, what a relief that must be. Cheers to having a supportive family afterall. Yay for you. ;)

Sarah said...

Yay!!! Yay for you and for Chris!!! I am so happy for you. You deserve this and more.

Hugs, Sarah

Designer Girl said...

Yay, sweetie!! How could anyone fail to support you, though? Your sweet spirit shines through, and people love you for who you are, unconditionally. (And I'm just basing this on what I read in your posts!)

Jen said...

I am so delighted for you, looking forward to the update.

for_the_lonely said...

I do believe that you are officially walking on sunshine! :) I could not be happier for the both of you than I am today.


pack of 2 said...

Congratulations! that is so wonderful...what a relief huh?