Tuesday, December 20, 2005

just do it


for_the_lonely said...

I need one of those...lol..the shirts, I mean! ;)

Hope you two are having a great time! :)


Sarah said...

I know, I need one, too LMAO! I love it.

puhpaul said...

That's a ditto from me too!
Maybe Santa will bring me one after the 28th or in January.

for_the_lonely said...

Just stopping by to with you a very Merry Christmas, Camille !You are a wonderful soul sister....I wish you all the very best this holiday season! You are loved!


Snades said...

Thanks for sending her back to us Camille. I know you had a great time together and it was hard to part. We all want you to visit us too. Merry Christmas from Phoenix...there will be many phone calls, and you can call my cell anytime. Love.

Jan said...

Merry Christmas Camille.

Puffer said...

Merry Christmas Meelo
I miss you and wish I was back there with you.
I had a great time.
I love u.

www.kimmy.cc said...

Merry Christmas!

~~ Kimmy

Sarah said...

Merry Christmas and Hippy New Years!!

Congrads on graduating. I am proud of you girl.

Hugs, Sarah

lightfeather said...

Congratulations sweet Camille. I am just trying to catch up a bit. Shhhhh...don't tell, OK? I'm at work!

Your journey is just getting better and better! I can hardly wait to see what awaits you beyond the bend. Most wonderful of new years to you Camille!

Loving you,