Thursday, December 29, 2005

god bless blogger

i started this blog in march of last year. back when rosie still had an actual blogger blog, not a personal website. i don't even remember how i came across hers, but reading her thoughts made me want to put things down again. i'd taken a long vacation from writing and when i started this, i had something to say every day. i still have things to's just that i was so busy with the last semester of school that things got piled up. i made mental lists of blog subjects i wanted to address, and they became so numerous that by the time i had a chance to write them, they were obsolete in my daily life.

this blog has been one of the best things i ever began. not only did it allow me a place to say what was really on my mind, but it led me to her. that was the last thing on my mind when i started this site, but it has been the most serendipitous thing to ever happen to me. my girlfriend is the most amazing woman i know. and i'm not just saying that...

she is genuinely kind and respectful, to the point that i am shocked by the continuity of her sincerity. she is intelligent and opinionated and informed about what is happening around her. she is ambitious and goal-oriented, but also beautifully appreciative of the present. she loves people. all people. she is a truly gifted educator, if not solely based on her ability to connect with these kids. cal once told me, "be a strong and child-like nurse. you have nurtured that part of you and children are drawn to it." at the time i didn't fully appreciate what she meant. now that i've seen it in another person, i understand. children, old and young, know that chris "gets" them and that they don't have to censor themselves with her. she is uniquely appreciative of their spirits and those things which make them unique. kids are much more perceptive than they are given credit for, and they know immediately that chris is someone they can trust, who appreciates them for WHO they are, and that is so rare. so rare, in fact, that she is the only person i have ever known to possess this quality. i am so happy that she has chosen this career. she is so naturally suited for it.

my girlfriend is a gifted writer. she dances, stylistically, somewhere between my overly verbose ramblings and ee cummings' conciseness. she is at times so directly poignant that i find myself with nothing remotely adequate to say in response. i hope we can save bound copies of her blog for our children.

my soulmate has a love for music that runs deeply through her core. she appreciates it all, every note, every lyric, every stylistic element. it moves her and sustains her. it means to her everything that it means to me. i am shocked by that. i never thought i would encounter another person who had a need for music as primal as mine. i not only encountered her, i am going to spend my life with her. i want to spend all my moments with her.

the love of my life is hilarious. she makes me laugh from the pit of my stomach, often when i'm least expecting to. the first two months that we began correspondence, my cheeks literally hurt. it took me a few weeks to realize i was smiling more than i ever had. her laugh is the most joyful sound i've ever heard. it is contagious and you can't help but be lit up by it.

my girlfriend is original, thoughtful, totally unpredictable. all at once she is eloquent and silly, woman and child, lover and best friend, expert and novice, strong and open. my life has never been so full of love, laughter and happiness. it all radiates from her. i want to see the world through her eyes, by her side, hand in hand, for the rest of my life. you're all invited to the wedding.


within 5 minutes of meeting one another, my soulmate and my best friend had found common ground.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Friday, December 16, 2005

Dear Santa:

I want one of these for Christmas. Please. Not one of THOSE specifically, but one of my own. Merci.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

hell yeah!

you're looking at egleston's newest nurse!

Friday, December 02, 2005

all in the name of good drunken fun

**my friends kick so much ass**