Wednesday, November 09, 2005

almost there

i graduate in one month. exactly. one fucking month. god i hope i can make it to that day, lol. i can. i might have a few nervous breakdowns between now and then, but i'll make it there. things have been ridiculous. my life has been spastic. i'm a big tangled mess of disorganization. and on my days off, what do i do? nothing. actually, that's not true, but i just feel like there's no point in even making an attempt at everything that needs to be done.

my mom's trying to set me up with a guy. and get me to work at a hospital in our hometown. pfft. that's the funniest thing i've heard all week.

my brother is dating our ex roommate, my ex friend. that's just plain gross. and it pisses me off that he didn't tell me himself. whatev.

my best friend is no longer moving to atlanta with me. that leaves me high and dry to find a place on my own pretty soon. a job would be nice. guess i should look for one of those too...i'm one tom collins away from skipping the country. but then i'd need a passport. fuck.

i feel like jordan. maybe i should, something...or something.


puhpaul said...

Skip the country. Come to Canada, you don't need a passport for up here. My nephew graduates from nursing school in the spring and wants to run a palliative care home for seniors. Maybe the two of you could set go into business together. It would make Christine happy.

Puffer said...

Get the passport, skip the country
Jordan I wonder what he is doing now?
I truly believe it will all come together
but it is so overwhelming at first
We will get there
I promise.
Scored a goal tonight:)

for_the_lonely said...

Ahhh, soul'll be graduated before you know it! And I could not be any more happier for you!

I know that your best friend not moving in with you is a drag...but you know what? Everything ( good and bad) happens for a reason...and in my honest opinion, I think that there is a good reason as to why your friend isn't moving in with you , and perhaps you should grab that passport..even if for a short while! * wink wink *

I hope that you are doing well! Nancy bought me a digital camera for Christmas ( how sweet and cool is that?!?) so check my blog when you can for pics taken during Jenn's cousin's visit with us! :)

Love you, and when you hear Beautiful Disaster, know that I am there with you, sending you hugs!


Dixie said...

Hey - everyone needs a passport. You never know when you're going to want to jet.

Just do what you want right now. You'll have plenty of time to live up to the expectations of others later on.

pack of 2 said...

Oh, girl..I know what you mean. I have to get a job & have no idea what I want to do.

Soerry things aren't working the way you will all work out in the end.


Sarah said...

How is this going? Have you worked it out yet with a roommate/job? It will all work out the way it is intended...try to believe in that as much as you can until you can believe it with all of your heart and see it materialize for you. Life is one big giant ride.