Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Worth a try

A close friend of Camille's is in need of a miracle
Hollie needs a new kidney
Her blood type is 0 positive
she was close to getting a transplant
but it did not work out
she is back at square one
So after much thought we decided to
use this vice to get the word out for her
She is 22, a nursing student
and is in renal failure, creatinine
is 15 (greater than 5 is end stage renal failure)
So spread the word
and if you can help or know of someone
who is a donor and has this blood type
comment to us.


www.kimmy.cc said...

Oh sweety, I am Rh-

She is in my thoughts, please keep us posted.

littlefeet said...

damn, i am O- ...

huge hugs...i will pass the word...


Anonymous said...

I'm o+...isn't there something else that has to match though too?

for_the_lonely said...

Sorry, I am a no go as well...I'll keep her in my prayers, though...

scribble said...

I am so sorry Camille.
I wish I could help.
I will keep her in my thoughts.

Jan said...

For those of us who work in the medical field....we understand why these things happen. It does not make accepting them any easier...especially when it is someone we care about as your 22 year old friend.
This totally sucks....I am so sorry.

MARYBETH said...

hey its MB. I am 0+
Please send more info of what has to e done to see if a match is possible.

MARYBETH said...

Dear CAmille,

Turns out I am 0-

Keeping her in my prayers