Tuesday, October 04, 2005

pick up line

Chinese guy: What are you, Brazilian? Argentinian? I can't quite place my finger on it.
Indian girl: No, I'm Indian.
Chinese guy: Ooh. You're my little tandoori chicken. Where's your dot?

--KGB Bar, E. 4th Street (overheard in nyc)

where do these dumbasses come from??!


for_the_lonely said...

OMG! LOL I'd have racked his family jewels if he used that line on me!

Janice said...

ugh. "what are you?" is my least favorite question. there are much better ways to ask that question if one is truly interested. don't get me started! ;)

tukangpot said...

huahuahuahua... this is funny!! remember that once a guy checked me out and he did the same as this one! too many idiots around i guess! how are you? its been a long time since my last visit! hope youre doing fine.

greetings from Indonesia,