Thursday, September 01, 2005

why you love me, from sj

my thoughts for the day, also entitled why you love me.

1. getting up at 5:30 sucks, especially when i was supposed to be up at 5.

2. again, i can't say it enough, 8am MONDAY classes are the reason that pajama pants are CUTE, people WILL see them, but it's ok

3. i love food. especially sugar, more specifically chocolate, but i will take what i can get, for example my lunch today: fruit, dr. pepper, and reese's cups
a. also why are they reese's cups? who was/is reese? cause really they should be Sarah's cups.

4. i don't like walking class. i don't care what anyone says. walking class should NOT include push ups and sit ups
a. also, i am NOT contributing to the obesety epidemic and think therefore i should be exempt from physical education. it's only fair

5. also i don't think that the board of regents should make us take a MORALITY class. really, do we want michael adams teaching georgia's best and brightest about morality?

i love my mille


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Puffer said...

I want to meet SJ
She is one cool chick