Sunday, September 04, 2005

the list

i want someone who'll
sweep me off my feet
but wait weeks just to cuddle.
i want someone who knows
monogamy isn't a type a wood.
i want someone who'll smile when
she sees me coming
and meet me in the rain for a kiss.
i want someone who loves my friends
for their amazing qualities,
instead of liking them for me.
i want someone to hold my hand
and trace my lips
and kiss my forehead
when i least expect it.
i want someone who will take me home
to meet the parents, the brothers, the sister
and our hearts and minds will be
in sync as we cross that bridge together.
i want someone who grins when i
sing bette midler at the top of my lungs
and who sings right along with us.
i want someone who realizes that
music is life and love and learning .
i want someone who lets me sleep in
and when i wake up and say "why didn't you wake me up"
responds, "baby, i didn't have the heart. you need the rest."
i want someone who'll remember
my favorite poets, musicians and artists
without scanning my collections for clues.
i want someone who'll accept the fact
that i don't eat salad, seafood or steak
and who will appreciate that
i have and always will love spaghetti.
i want someone who wants children
and who will know that i will always have
time for my girls. as long as there is a
breath in my lungs, those girls will be
my first babies.
i want someone who understands that
i like to talk, and i like to not talk.
someone who will never pressure me
to speak when i don't have any words.
i want someone who'll take me out,
but spend the entire evening looking at me
and dreaming of the moment
we finally get to go home.
i want someone who knows who she is,
what she believes in and stands up for it.
i want someone who will surprise me
by forcing me to get on a plane without knowing
where it's headed. sometimes it takes a little
firm persuasion to keep me from ruining surprises.
i want someone who will watch svu with me
and who doesn't blink twice when i push the pillows
against the wall and sleep flat on the mattress.
i want someone who'll love me --
love me for every wonderful, stupid, annoying,
intriguing, silly part of my being
and never dream of having me any other way.


for_the_lonely said...

As your soul sistah, I could not be any happier for you! :) I wish you nothing but the best..for both of you!

Love you,

Puffer said...

You have me.
One day until your

littlefeet said...



Under A Blackened Sky said...

a perfect summary of what we all want. I'm so glad you've found her Camile.

Dixie said...

Everyone should have a love like that. I'm glad you have yours.

scribble said...

you deserve all that and more.
remember to give it all back in return.
Don't keep score and feel grateful
each day to have it.
Remember the desire to have it my friend.
It will last.