Monday, September 26, 2005

if you leave me now

5 days come and gone
in the blink of an eye
thanks rita
u suck but
u gave us more time

coming home today
my life was not the same
i didn't see my world,
these things i see every day,
through the same eyes

who knew fate
could be so real?
pas moi.
but it is.

i am in love
with her.

in love with
this woman.

she told me,
12 days after we first talked,
i caught the vibe you pulse out
i can hear you in canada

3,667 miles apart.
and she is my soul mate.
who could argue
with fate like this?

saying goodbye today
was the hardest thing
i've ever done.
i didn't know it would
hurt this much.

the memories are ours
to treasure and savor
until the next time we connect.


for_the_lonely said...

I was waiting for you to post this picture...I just KNEW that it was coming! :) And guess what? I miss you too...;)

Love you,

SassyFemme said...

Your happiness comes through your writing so strongly! Hold on tight to the love and memories you two have. Wishing you both well.

Carie said...

love endures :) your love makes me smile, so strong and all the faith in her is there...thats so awesome

pack of 2 said...

I am very happy for you.

Glad you are well,


sang-froid said...

Looking forward to seeing you when you arrive in January. Don't know how we will keep C occupied until then. There will probably be a lot of repressed emotion played out in the rink...;)

littlefeet said...

so awesome...


Puffer said...

I miss u
I just read this over and over
Ellen got up and looked at the photo and said "you both look like u had fun"
I listened to my ipod plotting my plan to run out of the plane and they closed the doors. A big guy handed me Kleenex...thank goodness.
Thank u for everything.

puhpaul said...

I am so happy you and Christine fit so well together. She deserves some happiness, and from reading your blog, so do you. I'm another here in Prince Rupert that is impatient for January to arrive.

Can't wait to meet you, Paul

Kirsti said...

As someone who did the long distance relationship thing for 8 years, I can empathise. Use this time to build up such a solid base of communication that will tie the two of you together. Rituals help - silly things you say to say goodnight or good morning. They help connect you when you are face to face again too.

Much luck to both of you. You look so happy.

Karen said...

Thanks for your comment Camille....I too look forward to meeting you only it will have to be in Belize! I am so happy that one of my best friends has found happieness at last...sounds like you deserve each other....we can't mess with fate!

Dixie said...

You two couldn't possibly be cuter. I wish you both every happiness in the world.

M and G said...

Hey there we havent posted for a WHILE! We are back blogging again though. We have a new blog though. We wont be updating the Dear Jane band blog anymore. Here is the new link, be sure you bookmark it though because we wont be posting it on the old blog for a few reasons ( long story ) lol
Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Camille! I'm so happy for you and I absolutely LOVE the picture! The time will go quickly. Even if it doesn't feel like it at this moment. both of you.

scribble said...

the moment of leaving is so very hard.
Jan and I went through it for a few months before she moved here.
Once she got half way to Atlanta before coming back. She had called in to work the next day. She could not leave.

LDR's suck, but it can be done.
I am beyond happy that my "little
sister" has found love.
hugs to you both.