Tuesday, September 13, 2005

hold on

if time could undulate more slowly
or at a more breakneck pace
my life would not be just that

the crickets sing their aria
while cars crash
legs swing over roof tops
fingers pound the ivory
mouths move with anger
hands reach for something more
eyes close in restless slumber

the only thing that makes sense
anymore is the only thing
that ever made perfect sense:
the music

everything else has
turned to stone
my body or my soul
which one you pay mo' fo?
cause everything can be
bought and sold


Puffer said...

Hold on

Under A Blackened Sky said...

perhaps thinking about things you miss from childhood will help... let's say 5 things. you're tagged sweetheart, now start smiling and post the 5 things you miss about childhood, let me know when you've posted them.
Here are mine:
(in no particular order)...5 things that I miss from my childhood:
1. playing softball and knowing I was good.
2. my grandpa and grandma
3. playing "Barbies" with my friend Tim with his GI Joe and Tanto, my Barbies, Ken and Crystal and somehow managing to catch the tomato patch on fire.
4. Rocky Horror every Saturday night proceeded by a game of SPOONS and followed by breakfast at the truck stop.
5. innocence and ignorance.