Sunday, September 25, 2005

his name is lax kxeen


Snades said...

Poor guy. An unpronouncable Sm'alygax name meaning "on Kaien," (as in Kaien Island) which in itself refers to the foaming waters of Butze Rapids. This turtle has been burdened. Why not just call him "Pete." Yeh. Pete the turtle.

BTW, are you guys having any fun? Mmm. Thought so.

puhpaul said...

Perhaps a better idea would be to call him Supper. I understand turtle soup is very good.

PS I used to be Cuddles, but no one would cuddle me.

sang-froid said...

I hope PUFFER packed him to bring back to SNADES who needs something new to foster. Let's see this guy mess with her computer.