Friday, August 12, 2005

why i love sj

darlenes diva c: thanks for what you said about the blog. it really means quite a bit because i highly value your opinion

slj383: it really is a very real slice of mille and that makes it so pure and just and unlike most everything else on the web

slj383: totally made out with a short indie rock kid last weekend

slj383: fyi

darlenes diva c: rock on

slj383: only me

slj383: what can i say

slj383: now he is like madly in love with me

darlenes diva c: you don't have to say anything, that's the funny thing

darlenes diva c: and you won't

slj383: lol. i love that you know that

darlenes diva c: you'll just let the kid follow you slap-happy in love

slj383: cause i totally haven't

slj383: i'm not just saying this cause i'm one but you have bitchin taste in friends

darlenes diva c: they are a select few

darlenes diva c: and they are all awesome

slj383: you know i was totally wearing the big sunglasses AGES ago

slj383: how much does that make you love me

darlenes diva c: aren't you always a few years ahead of us all?

slj383: sometimes

slj383: had gouchos forever ago too

darlenes diva c: even with your 'roos 2 years ago running around central park like you were some badass new yorker. you are so totally my best friend, lol

slj383: i know

slj383: i feel so priveledged

slj383: and i mean that

slj383: mille is the coolest EVER

slj383: anna the other day was like you are like the person that EVERYONE knows is a slut but NO ONE talks about because that would be inappropriate

darlenes diva c: that is SO parfait! i can't believe she said that! yes, talking about closeted-slut, but ostensible socialite sarah IS just that: inappropriate. no one would dare.

darlenes diva c: except moi

darlenes diva c: because i have no class

slj383: i know

slj383: you keep me real

slj383: mingling with the regular folk and all

darlenes diva c: wow i'm so the regular folk

slj383: you don't need to decide on a gender to love

slj383: one of the things i love about mille is that your friend/girlfriend/boyfriend criteria is SO based on the PERSON not the package

darlenes diva c: i'm perplexed. am i really intimidating or something?

slj383: you can be initially

slj383: partially because you are so beautiful

slj383: and partially because you are so smart

darlenes diva c: oh whatever that's bullshit. i think i'm just really abrasive

slj383: but everyone LOVES the REALness and the humanity of you

slj383: you're abrasive like hell if you don't like someone

darlenes diva c: hehe. i know

slj383: they generally won't go near you

slj383: but for everyone else

slj383: it's your looks and your brains that get them initially

slj383: it's like you are smart and beautiful so you don't HAVE to be real, you CHOOSE to be, and that makes it even better!!

slj383: we rock our ASSES OFF

slj383: and the ASSES of anyone who comes near us

darlenes diva c: so true, because have you looked behind you lately? or at that pic of my ass in nyc?

darlenes diva c: yeah bitch we rock

slj383: and we rock how ONLY sarah and mille know how to rock

darlenes diva c: we rock out in neons and the macon ghetto, in pajamas drunk on tennis courts, running thru red lights, sleeping thru class, writing french stories about princesses fucking frogs, and making illegal turns in times square and getting pulled over!

darlenes diva c: these stories are not for the faint of heart. only we...the socialite and the reg. folk

slj383: agreed

slj383: sounds like a mod fairy tale

slj383: the socialite and the reg. folk

slj383: and i'm afraid you left one eyed steve off the list

**i love you like no other, sj. you are in a class all your own (and coincidentally, 6 feet above the rest of us).**


for_the_lonely said...

Is that icon pic of you when you were little? Whoever she is, she is a cutie! :)


pawzz said...

ummmm....wheres the line to hear about this princess & the frog?....assuming the frog is butch.

pawzz said...

thanks for the story... :)

Puffer said...

Thanks for the conversation
Friendships like this go on
I learned a thing or two about you too! said...

My best friend and I, have been frinds for 13 years now. Our babies were in daipers together, they thought they were cousins. They walked hand in hand, just like moms on the beach last month. Hold on to those friends, they are worth keeping!

And yes, I am a total renthead, I have seen in five times and can not wait until the movie comes out. You know there is a movie? November 23rd, 2005