Tuesday, August 16, 2005

out tonight

going out with the girls. because i can. i'm a grown-up like that. i can just decide to fuck everything i need to be doing, and go out for the hell of it. and i got some of the saddest news i've heard in a long time today, so true to form, i will run from it. pretend i didn't hear it and everything's great. so i guess that makes me not so grown-up...


littlefeet said...

and thats ok...we dont have to be grown up all of the time...

hope you have fun...and that you get to forget...even if its just for a few minutes...


Puffer said...

Being grown up sucks
Being the person to
deliver the bad news
Please don't give up
I tried to be grown up
today and it's confusing
and hard
We will get there

pack of 2 said...

Hey Camielle!

Go have a great time. The bad news will be there later.

Try to forget about it & have fun & be careful.

Love to you & I hope it will be OK.


Sarah said...

Muhummm, I am actually sitting her getting loopy on wine. Sometimes a little self medication is a good thing. Cheers,

scribble said...

missed this when it was posted and see now that you are home safely.
I'm sorry sad news is there for you to deal with.
love ya.