Saturday, August 27, 2005

are you there god? it's me, camille.

oh how i am longing for those days of teenage angst. not the high school bullshit part. what i am missing is the ability to be an A-1 BITCH and get the fuck away with it because i'm 16. i miss working for a paycheck that i will blow on eating out and buying clothes. i miss talking on the phone until 4 a.m. and not studying for tests, but still making A's. wearing hoodies to school and sleeping thru class. being free at the end of the day. that rush that spiraled through us as we ran out the doors to the parking lot, taking pictures and laughing about the weekend plans. it was not all fun and games. the latter half of it was actually something i'd never wish on anyone. but the beginning was pretty good. the lack of responsibility and carefree feeling in my heart was something i can't get back. i've turned into my mother. i've tried so hard not to, but there was no escape. the genetics have taken hold.


Puffer said...

I miss highschool
but I don't wish
grade 8 on anyone
I miss not having
bills and that stuff
but the freedome does
get better
you are o.k.
I mean it
You will be carefree

Puffer said...

Nice Toque
Canadian for hat

Jas... said...

It's not so bad. After a while, you are actually glad you turned out like your parents. Makes mistake making easier to deal with.


pack of 2 said...

I remember when I knew I was my mom...It freaked me get used to it.

I miss the younger days too...especially the working to buy food & clothes & partying ***SIGH**

It had to change sometime I guess.
Sassyfemme tagged us to tell about 5 childhood memories...Maybe you should post your answers to get back to your childhood for a while.


Under A Blackened Sky said...

I certainly don't miss high school! I do miss the carefree feeling of that time, yet I would not in a million years want to feel that lost again! I think what we all know is that girls just wanna have fun!... and we do!