Sunday, July 17, 2005

we'll be the lucky ones

as timber is telling her family of our impending trip to nyc, her father exclaims "oh my god! there's going to be a terrorist attack and you're going to DIE in a nuclear explosion!" timber calmly replies "well daddy, we'll be the lucky ones because if there really IS a nuclear explosion, we're ALL going to die, but at least camille and i will die together instantaneously. you'll have to wait as the cloud of dust covers the sun and then you, mother and bobbin will starve to death."

did i mention i LOVE my friends? just ADORE them. especially you, tenacious.


Monkey said...

Kara Faith said...

thanks. The movie The Forgotten was great! can you tell me how to put pictures on the blogs? and on the profile. The only thing I can get to happen is to put them in a yahoo photo album and its getting frustrating! lol have a good night. kara

for_the_lonely said...


Sarah said...

WOW...well, that's one way to look at it! LMAO! Tell them that I was living THERE on Sept. 11th and I'm still here! LMAO!

Jas... said...

It's dem smart ones ya gotta watch out fer!

taza said...

Hi there Shaymo,

I'm here via a recent comment you made on Lightfeather's blog.

My son is in Atlanta visiting his dad, and was just in NYC for the 4th of July! Too funny. I feel like giving you his phone number, but you don't even know me! (Of course, I'm assuming you're in Atlanta & I could be quite wrong!)

I went to Emory University in the late '70's and stayed in Atlanta for another 5 years before moving on. Loved that city, but wanted to live someplace smaller and less cosmopolitan.

My son is the exact opposite--loved NY, likes the energy and excitement of urban life. He's a gorgeous 21 year old guy and if you want to try life on the edge (of silliness), email me privately at and I'll tell you more.

I know this sounds nuts. What can I say.

Anonymous said...

Such a lucky girl you are. I feel blessed just reading your blog. Peace.

Puffer said...

i am back
so glad to be back
to talk with you