Thursday, July 14, 2005

save me from satan

"i'd rather get smacked in the head than have my face shoved in shit." a memorable quote from the evening.

i do awful, awful things when i'm with this girl. like
- dance on tables
- drop entire drinks right after i get them from the bartender
- get on stage and sing while the band is on a break between sets
- go into a restuarant with nothing but my tshirt on
- tell guys i'll go to late night but don't show
- have hershell (or charlie?) carry me up three flights of stairs
- moon everybody in the bar and on the streets
- become the culprit of a piercing expedition
- let boys kiss me because i like the way they dance or play music
- dance with mandy HOLDING ME UP like an inflatable doll
- get announced in pizza places
- light up cigarettes in illegal areas
- dance around with a huge L on my head and make fun of the homophobe in my face
- jump. we always jump.
- sing karaoke. sometimes good. sometimes sad.
- drink more to get food. i'm like a 5 year old "mandy i'm hungry." "drink 2 more drinks and i'll get you a taco"
- fall off my bed. HARD.
- do the black girl booty shake. and i am sooooo white.
- swear the next day i'll never drink again. until next weekend when it's the 3rd weekend of the month (!) and the metro is the place to be. ohhhh, the unmentionable fun that awaits. see ya thursday, moo. i love you.

oh yeah: i also tell my ex boyfriend "i never knew you were this short," call mandy a dirty whore and say fuck every other fucking breath. angel. i am angelic.


Puffer said...

I know you had a blast
you needed that
looks like so much fun

Jas... said...

Whew! My head is spinning! Must have pictures of every item on that list.

Jas... said...

Just found the picture stream! C, I am so... jealous!

pack of 2 said...

I want to part with you...sounds fun!


for_the_lonely said...

Glad you had a good time girl...we would crap on ourselves from laughing so hard if we partied together!!! Love you to pieces, you Rosie whore, you! LOL

Sistah Love,

Dixie said...

I don't really miss my youth but when I miss it, it's that sort of stuff I really miss!

Sarah said...

LMAO Sounds like some of the things I used to do...hmm.. btw..the answers to my questions are on my site. I loved yours!

lightfeather said...

I love to live my life through you!

scribble said...

looks like a fun time for all of you !
I enjoyed the pictures.
You are a beautiful woman.
I am afraid when faced with your friend my eyes would wander horribly.
I am a boob girl afterall.
have a great weekend.
I miss you around my blog too.

Cherry said...

looks like you had a great time. Aren't nights like that the best? :)