Tuesday, July 12, 2005

moonlight adventure

the georgia night is softer than a whisper
we tiptoe in the moonlight
our bare feet warm against the boards of the dock
the glistening water is dark and shiny
tanna doesn't really say, more like breathes "dark water"
and we giggle as we clasp our hands together and squeeze
the boats rocking in the water is a comforting sound
as we stand in the night air.
in the darkness, the only illumination
is that of the lightning bugs floating around us.
we are tempted to catch a few, but then remember
the task at hand.

she challenges me
"you jump first"
i feel my way to the edge with my foot
and stand unabashed on a cusp
with my pajamas fluttering in the summer breeze.
i swallow my fear and dive into the unknown
the splash echoes and then fades.
my surfacing breath punctuates the stillness
and tanna, still whispering, squeaks "that was so awesome"

once i convince her that the water isn't cold,
we begin our work
diving down to the floor, we scoop up
handfuls of clay and bring it to the surface.
red, blood red, georgia clay
our hands and clothes will be stained, no doubt.
when we have enough,
i lift my body back onto the dock
and pull her up over the edge.
with her, i am 10 yrs. old again and we are
sisters in every sense of the word.

the molding ensues and my fingers
in the clay soothes my soul.
sculpting and forming takes time,
but time is all we have.

the artistic tango
lasts through the night
and as the sun washes morning light on us,
we scurry back inside, lest we be discovered.

and we lie in bed, with the smell
of the water and clay dried into our skin
listening ever so closely to hear the
squeals of delight from the kids next door
as they discover
our offering of peace.


Jas... said...

This is what I love about you, C. Well written, so beautiful. Every memory should be woven with this artistry.

lightfeather said...

You are beautiful! A truly beautiful soul!

for_the_lonely said...

This is lovely.....just like you.

Anonymous said...

Very cool. Peace.

Monkey said...

i came to you via Jas' blog...and i know i am going to ever be grateful to him...

i love it...your writing...your thoughts...your enthusiasm...your descriptions...already one of my favs...


Puffer said...

I want to see fireflies so bad
That was beautifully written
I want to see red clay
Tanna is a lucky girl
everyone in your world

Sarah said...

Never been to Georgia, but it sounds amazing after reading your entry. I love your writing as well. I've posted your site on my blog as one of my faves.

Heidi said...

...I've been lurking but have yet to comment until now...I saw your reply on Patricia's blog and other regular bloggers that I comment on.

Let me add to the list of others that your writing style is beautiful, your a sweet soul.

pack of 2 said...

Oh Camielle, you are so amazing.


scribble said...

oh I love the song this line is in too.
"in georgia nights are softer than a whisper, neath' a quilt somebody's mother made by hand..."
The indigo girls...

What a great memory !

Thanks for a lovely post to read from you once again.
You do know how to touch in such a gentle way.