Tuesday, July 05, 2005

into the woods

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this is my most recent purchase of original artwork. the story of how i came to own this painting is now integral to its history. while at the sunshine festival with my beloved aunt (with whom i've become a pea in a pod), we stumbled upon a regional artist showcasing his original works. i greatly, DEEPLY admired this painting which i intially called "the tree." it had no formal title, and it became MY tree.

we were sticky and sweaty, and the sky was threatening rain. so we stood under this artist's tent and i stared, with my hand on my face, into and beyond this painting. looking and relooking. discovering and then rethinking. after a moment, the artist (chris locklear) said "make me an offer." i was still speechless, stunned by the emotion that piece had evoked in me. after a few moments i said "i can't." and i was too flustered to give any explanation. i asked him if he sold all his work. "eventually" was his reply. so we looked a little more and left.

hours later when we were leaving the festival, i asked my aunt if she'd mind if i went back to look at the tree one more time. she suggested i ask the artist for his business card. she said "when you can afford it, maybe he'll still have it." this painting was already framed and the artist was asking $100 for it. being the struggling student i am, i of course could not justify spending that money right now, although i believe it was more than a fair price. when i returned to chris's tent, he began writing his number down for me (he'd run out of cards during the day) and said again "make me an offer." i said "i really can't. i would love to, but i know that what i could offer you is much less than what that painting is worth, and i would be embarrassed to do that." once more he said, "well you'll never know if you don't make me an offer." frustrated i replied, "i could only pay $30 or $40 at most." and he said "well young lady, that painting is yours."

my aunt and i carried it home, propped it up in front of the couch where we prepared to watch a movie, and ended up looking at and discussing it all night. i am very pleased with it. although it will always be my tree, we decided on the more appropriate title of "into the woods," which in itself is a story for another time. i am happy.


MARYBETH said...

Dear Camille,
I just had my Neice here for a week!
Your tree story is inspiring. THats good Karma!
BE sure to check out new pics.

for_the_lonely said...

That is so awesome.....looks like you scored a great find! Good for you!

Love ya,

Kirsti said...

I've been missing your posts - for some reason bloglines isn't showing your updates. Hmph. Catching up now .. and what a wonderful story to go with a painting that obviously resonates so much with you. Enjoy it - and the hope that it brings.

Thanks for the kind words in my blog. :)

Sarah said...

Oooo, beautiful painting!!! You will be a WONDERFUL mother. Thanks for your comment- I thank the stars for the friends I have made in blog world. It is funny because I never thought that people I have never seen could mean so much to me, but they do! Hugs to you.

Sarah said...

It is absolutely beautiful! I totally feel you...struggling homeowner myself!!! They say it will get better though so we'll see! LMAO!

lightfeather said...

Awesome the ways of the world! Just awesome!

Good things happening to good people. What a great story and what a beautiful tree!

Anonymous said...

This is a beautiful story and the painting is lovely. Thank you for sharing it sweetie.

LeaLea said...

Its a beautiful painting!! And gave me chills, hearing how you got it. Love it!

Puffer said...

my first piece of art was an Emily Carr the painting looks beautiful good for you.
I am so pumped to be at home tonight

maceydoo said...

I wonder if the artist knew you and his painting "fit"

I love this piece and the story makes it that much better!