Thursday, June 02, 2005

while sitting in employee health to receive all my boosters, titers, and other various labwork i was reminded of the day i took grace to have her TSH levels checked. she was completely unaware that any needle was going to come in contact with her body, up until the exact moment that it happened. it absolutely broke my heart to see the look of betrayal on her face as she glared at the nurses in front of her and choked through sobs "you hurta me..." oh, it was awful. i miss my angel!


im here somewhere said...

oh my goodnes. so well put. i could never quite describe the look my baby gave me when she got pricked by the evil nurse. she just had to have a cathader put in, that one was even worse..poor babies

Puffer said...

Just curious Camille...who is Grace? I think the photo of this girl was the same girl on the beach am I wrong?

scribble said...

ok.. I have to jump in here, because this makes me crazy.

I hear all the time at work, mothers and fathers telling their kids that the bad nurse hurt them, poor baby, that mean old doctor.

OK why would you put fear of health care professionals into your childs head. Theye are going to need them throughout their lives..
Tell them the truth. Tell them that yes, this may hurt a little but the doctors and nurses are trying to make them better.
Tell them that the nice nurse will make the hurt go away as fast as possible.

Sometimes they have to endure a little pain to help them.
Show your kids that you brought them to the hospital or doctors office to help them.
Not to hurt them further.

Sorry Camille to use your
comments to post this...
but I battle this fight in the ER everyday.
and now I am off to get ready to go and do it again.

Have a great day !