Tuesday, June 07, 2005

then you're a lifer, like me.

my heart hurts.


Puffer said...

Aw...what's wrong? My internet is not up yet at my house I am in withdrawl. So I am checking email at a friends. I hope your o.k. I am having a PMS day.
I hope your o.k.
Feel the feelings...

Kirsti said...

There's parole and hope, even for lifers. And I enjoyed the movie but much prefered the book :)

scribble said...

Camille.... you ok ??
email me if you need an ear ok ?

lightfeather said...

Sweet Camille,
I am sensing that you are not OK, not OK at all. If you ever need me, I am here.

I am sending angels to uplift you and a candle to light the way.

MARYBETH said...

Dear Camille,
Your comment cracked me up!
Hey, you are so right on your journey with the way you see the world and others!
Self loathing and Hate...WOW huge issues for most women at certain times of life! So feeling this way is not at all unusual or abnormal..however, if it becomes a costant in your heart and mind then a good counselor and often a good psychiatrist are called for.
I dont know you well, and I am way behind this week in my blog relations, but suffice to say again,. having experienced and survived 3 major depressions in my 43 years, DO NOT WAIT TO GET HELP!
IF this is a situational response, or a transient mood state, then get with those people who love and cherish you to support you and encourage you.
WONDERFUL people tend to have "high maintenance" neuro chemistries, that require Expert help at various times through out their life span.
COme by again today to vist I left you a special message on my Blog.
Love, Hugs, Healing energy coming your way,