Friday, June 03, 2005

something only my brother would say

while waiting for my grandfather in the mall, my brother and i were getting impatient. we stared up to the second floor, looking for some trace of him. 10 minutes earlier he'd told me he'd be downstairs shortly and asked us to wait for him by the elevator. matthew, in all seriousness when i aggravatedly say "where IS he?", replies: "he's a pimp. he's probably looking at those statue women."


for_the_lonely said...

LMFAO....does your grandfather wear a purple hat with a big flaunty feather hanging off the side, and walks with a cane? LOL

Your brother is a riot!


Kelly said...

That is so funny. I can actually see my daughter saying something like that. He needs a cane and a top hat with fur on it and yes for the lonely, In PURPLE....great post.