Wednesday, June 08, 2005

caption this photo


scribble said...

mommy !
I promise I wont pull the clothes
off the line again !

for_the_lonely said...

a different spin on the old saying" haning you from the ceiling by your thumbs!"

Wicked Wanda said...

"Mom, Am I dry yet?"

Kirsti said...

Well the label said "Wash and Wear"...

bea said...

"hanging out"

Sarah said...

Hello Camille,

You write beautifully, from your heart. I just read most of your blog. You have wisdom and strength, but I don't think you always appreciate yourself enough. My Mama's a nurse and she is, as most nurses are amazing people. Nursing is not easy, but it is one of the most respectable professions I believe.

Cheers, Sarah

lightfeather said...

Puts a whole new meaning to being hung out to dry, doesn't it?

PS...RFP is a Request for proposal. Government grants, contracts, etc. The first one I did was a government contract. The second was a special needs grant.

Oh, that government lingo!

Anonymous said...

How the heck did I get up here? I only had one bottle!

Dixie said...

"Damn cut rate carnivals!"

MARYBETH said...

"There's more then one way to hang the laundry.
IT's all in how you look at it"
sure hope your spirits are up a bit
PS where did you get the picture??

Jan said...

Love this picture....too cute!!

Thanks for your comment about my parents.

Thinking of you and hoping your heart feels better.

Sarah said...


No, I wasn't in Africa during the Rwandan genocide. I was in the States, and like most of us didn't hear much about it. (They are only Black and so the world didn't care. It still makes me furious!! And, now it is happening in Sudan and again we do nothing! -Enough with the rampage)

I love "Hotel Rwanda". If you are interested in that there is an amazing Canadian man, Lt. Gen. Roméo A. Dallaire who wrote "Shake Hands with the Devil" about his time as the head of UN in Rwanda. Powerful stuff. I highly recommend it, but be prepared to shed a tear and scream in anger once or twice.

Thanks for your visit and comments to my blog.