Wednesday, June 01, 2005


today's my first day at an a hospital that i really like, so i'm not sure why i feel uneasy about it. i guess anything new makes your stomach feel this way, ya know, when you don't know what to expect. but hey, at least i'm getting PAID for what i do now, lol! keep me in your thoughts, guys. i'll be back eventually to blogger land. hugs for you all.


Elizabeth said...

Good luck! Hope you have the very best of first days there, and every day after. :)

Jan said...

You will do and be great...
Hang in there.

Kirsti said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've been returning the visits and keeping up with yours.

Take deep breaths, be yourself, and you'll be absolutely fine.

May this beginning blossom into a wonderful externship for you.

Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.


scribble said...

You'll be the kind of nurse I admire.
I know this because you are the kind of friend I choose.
Your compassion wont be left at home.
You will remember when you too hurt and will treat each patient, no matter their "station" in life the same as you would treat a dear friend.

Under A Blackened Sky said...

And how's the externship going for you? I'm sure everyone there loves you as much as we love you out here in the cyber-world. Just don't let anyone make you their grunt!