Thursday, May 12, 2005

you're not having a good time unless your hair is wild. ever. Posted by Hello


scribble said...

Great photo !
I posted this on my site in reply to your comment on mine.
I wanted to reach you tonight, so I will post the same comment here.
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Camille, the way in which parents react initaly isn't necessarily the end result of the telling.
It takes them time. We live in a different world than in 1977... she could be much more positive than you know.
Regardless, you will never know which way it will go if you don't tell. This is a frightening thing at times.
I know it takes time. I did it to. With my family and my children.
You might take baby steps in direction now.
Asking questions or having conversations about known gay or lesbian people, and see what her reaction is.
Only you know if that is possible and I may be way off base.
Just offering support in whatever you do.
I have enjoyed keeping up with your blog. Your deep love for children shines through in all you write.

Jas... said...

Camille, your daughter is very beautiful. It looks like she's studying something intently! All she needs is a pair of shades and a convertible.