Sunday, May 22, 2005

women of my life - i say, with reverence, because i still consider myself a girl

so inquiring minds want to know
where i am
what i've been up to
who knew?

i've been making memories
beneath gazebos
next to lakes
on trampolines
and railroad tracks

having picnics
and pillow fights
building fires
with girls, women,
all of whom are dear to me

memories to have and to hold
to keep locked away in my mind
for years to come

to reminisce about next year
when timber says "god, i'm bored!
we need to do something adventurous!"
we will scroll through the list
of past pursuits checked off

these women (and my girls)
are so close to my heart
they share their time, their stories,
their lives with me

and talk of things like having babies
and what it felt like
and being naked in a creek
and the divinity of that which has become
our bond.

and perhaps most importantly
we can lie in silence
never once feeling pressured
to fill the space

1 comment:

Jas... said...

Sounds like bliss, to find such happiness in each other. Most people never find that kind of happiness! I'm glad for you.