Thursday, May 19, 2005

What I Want, by Annie Thomas Burke

What I want from my very own Government.
From this great land that I dearly love and
would never leave, is simple.

I want a legal marriage certificate with
all that entails.
I want our names printed in lovely script and a seal
saying we are official in the eyes of the government.

I want it legally recognized that I
freely take on the responsibility and honor
of providing for another person that I am
in love with, just as she wants the same with me.

I want to not fear being fired for
loving her. Whether I am a clerk, a teacher
or a factory worker.

I want straight people to stop assuming that all we
do is lay around in bed having sex.
We have been together for a long time. Sex is never
the first thing we think about when we climb into bed.
We are as exhausted as you straight people out there.

I want the honor of clicking that little box on
my tax return that says, "Married, filing Jointly"

I want to be able to walk into a lawyers office
and request help in adopting a child.
Without the state telling me I cant.

I want to foster children without worry that
they will be removed.

I want straight people to stop assuming
that because we are lesbians we never
have men in our lives. Or the lives of our
children. Yes they have male role models.
What kind of parents would we be if we didn't
provide everything they need.

I want to be able to join the military
without fear of being thrown out with a
dishonorable discharge.

I want to be able to be consulted in the
health care options for my dying spouse.
I want them to know that the woman out there
waiting to hear something is me, Her spouse.

I don't want to worry that I will lose my home and
everything we have acquired together should she die.
Whether by law or uncaring family members.

I want to not have to pay an inheritance
tax should my spouse die. Just like you straight folks.

I want all this to be equal to what you now have.
Not more than, just equal. It's all very simple.

Oh, and while I have given you this list to ponder,
add this to it. Stop assuming that the reason we
are gay is related to sexual abuse as a child.
Stop saying that we chose to be gay.
Did you choose to be straight ?

When you can tell me I have all that,
then you can tell me that we have it better
than Christians do.
Until then, shut the hell up.

**this post was recreated from annie thomas-burke's blog. you can visit her at . she is a phenomenal writer. thanks, annie.**


Jas... said...

I am straight... and I concur! Well written Annie.


scribble said...

hey girl...
how are you ???