Thursday, May 12, 2005

we all have wings

so there were birds stuck in the vent
baby birds
and i rescued them
made them a nest
and put them in our highest tree

a mama bird (maybe theirs, maybe not)
was feeding them
but not enough
so i'd take them down and give them
bread dipped in water
which they gobbled down anxiously

today i checked on them
and one was dead
i don't know what happened
but it was a sad sight
two furballs lying on top of the
other lifeless poof of feathers

it got to me for a few minutes
thinking that this baby i was trying
to help died.
kind of like andrew.

then i thought
everything i touch dies
or flourishes.
no in between.

like my girls -
they are in full bloom,
radiating life and laughter.
when our life forces mingle
it seems like the whole world is smiling.

my mother told me i didn't need
to attend their dance recitals,
talent shows, and elementary graduations
(all of which are this week)
she said there will be plenty of that
when i have my own children

but they are my own
in a way that none of us
could belong to any other

how do you explain
to a skeptic
that families aren't bound
exclusively by blood
and friendships
can be forged between people
you might never think could
relate to one another

i'm not that person anymore
slaving away to open others' eyes
to truths that seem so obvious
i can't be that martyr

so i'm not going to
explain it to her.
if she can't see it in our
very interactions,
her eyes are useless.

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