Wednesday, May 25, 2005

truth hurts

when i gave you a choice. that's when you should have thought about these things. or even before then. when you were in houston and too busy to talk to me...i told you you could take 15 minutes to talk with me about our relationship or fuck it. you didn't choose those 15 minutes. it's no suprise to me. you've never thought it through. ever. you know that. we have your poor choices to show for it. over a month later is no time to bring it back to me and hope it changes my perception. it doesn't. i've been looking at us from every angle all along. not just when the times get shitty. i've lost you before. i remembered what that felt like, every second of every day, trying to think of a way to have you, keep you in my life forever, when you were totally gone. at the risk of sounding unsympathetic, this is not my problem to deal with anymore. i dealt with it all along. alone. it sucks, doesn't it? but there's nothing left for me to give.


tara said...

i know you are not being unsympathetic, just honest and right. and yes, it does suck.

Hippo said...

WHOA...give a man a break won't ya..

Dr. H.O. Potamus

Under A Blackened Sky said...

I hear and understand every word of this post. Life is a series of choices. We all make our choices and shape our lives with each one. Life is what you make it, it does not just happen. I do not subscribe to that saying that life is what happens to you while you are making plans. I believe that we make our own lives. You get out what you put into it, and honey I have no idea who you are directing your anger and hurt at with this post, but you've got it right. Make choices that will mold your life into something wonderful, you certainly deserve it. That said, you can't make a blind man see. When you have given all that you have to give and stand with your naked soul bare to someone, then you truly have done all that you can do. I'm sorry you're hurting.