Saturday, May 28, 2005

my life is full of miracles, and most of them are women

in the midst of all the turmoil i've been harboring in my heart, cal comes through like the hero that she is. without so much as a hint regarding my recent angst about the girls, i woke up this morning to find this email patiently waiting in my inbox:


In a world where the human heart holds such frightening capabilities, we need to protect the guilelessness of children. They are so much more than just the future. They are our conscience. This is what makes you so beautiful. You have nurtured that part of you and children can't help but love you.

Be a strong and child-like nurse.




GaiaGal said...


What a lovely email to receive! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a note, it's fun to have a new blog-buddy!! I'll stop by again soon, i'm off to knit some.

Have a geat weekend!!


for_the_lonely said...

Aren't you so lucky to have someone take the time to write such a beautiful e-mail like that? I am lucky have blog stranger/friends that care enough to say hello and lift my spirits up when I need it the most.

You are special!