Monday, May 16, 2005

"lesbians are so dramatic" a wise woman once said

my ex-girlfriend reads these entries
windows into my life, i guess
a life that doesn't include her anymore

but watching someone else live
through a mirror like in the SVU office
is stupid
pointless, really

i let my guard down
gave my heart away without question
contradicted my own convictions
for what?
what do i have to show for it?
the yahoo invalid password page?
yes, that is exactly what i have.

i am no one's twin
and least of all yours
leave it to me to find someone
who mistakes love for control
c'est ma vie
but no more.

don't tell me our relationship
was based on love
it was based on lies
from day one

lies to everyone we knew
and lies to me.
deception, deception
and then a little more for good measure

well deceive somebody else
this girl's seen the light.


Kelly said...

Another wonderful entry, thank you for sharing yourself with the rest of us.


lightfeather said...

Hi Camille,

I found you via Annie's blog and glad I came by. I have really enjoyed reading and know I will be back.

Thanks for sharing!