Sunday, May 15, 2005


it never occurred to me
that i might come across
so many marvelous people
whose own bloggings would
affect me so deeply

i'm shocked
and that sounds so stupid,
but it's true

people whose lives are so
like mine, whose problems are like
reading a page from my own journal
i want to jump up and scream
"i know EXACTLY what you mean!"

and i want to surround myself with these people
these ghosts whose only connection to me is
arial 12 pt. font on a webpage

but so often those things that i cannot
touch are what speaks to my soul

in backwater south ga
i feel so isolated from
people like myself
i burn to talk to ONE person
who understands what i'm saying
and feeling, and craving

and you...
this community of arial ghosts
you are my neighborhood.
no acknowledgment is needed
no contact, even, except these
supportive comments you would
expect to fall from the mouth of
a life-long friend

i am so deeply touched to receive them
from strangers
i have found a family
no, this family has found me


scribble said...

And Now, dear new friend, it is my turn to say
"I know just what you mean !"
The people I have met are amazing.
Lightfeather's "Random Thoughts" blog
David's struggle "This is me for Now"
Cindy's challenges as a single disabled mom "Life Goes On"
Lois Lane, "Home Fires" the funniest writer I have read.
The list goes on and on.
It is an wonderful world.
Those people we all know who have no computer and no desire to buy one, well it just make me sad for them. They have no idea of the other world and information available to them.
Iv'e been meaning to post a thank you as you have here.
I think I'll just send them your way and say ditto.
You said it better than I ever could.
Have a lovely night.
Thank you for the well wishes on Jan's surgery tomorrow.

10019 said...

That's a very thoughtful observation. I feel a similar way when I read someone's blog. It's sometimes easier to share personal thoughts with thousands of stangers than it it with a close friend.

You're an excellent writer.

Jas... said...

I have to say that it is you whom I feel happy to know. When I read what you say, it's like seeing emotion for the humanity that it should be. Your words describe one of the most human people I have ever heard of. It's people like you that so many others seek out for healing, just by knowing them.

Anonymous said...

I have just read your blog for the first time tonight. Thank you so much for stopping by mine. Your comments touched me and were, I thought, profound and true as well. I giggled watching your daughter sing and dance! She is beautiful. I like your reference to arial ghosts...what a moving way to refer to this online world of ours. Peace.

Kelly said...

My first time here and you have any amazing gift of words. You seem to articulate everything in my heart and soul that I cant seem to get out.

Thank you