Thursday, April 28, 2005

wisdom like no other

send the letter because, no matter what, you feel you must apologize for certain hurtful actions, because you feel in your heart that making this statement to your mother is the RIGHT thing to do- it is what your heart desires. then, if the response is disappointing, or even hurtful, you can fall back on the peace of your conviction that YOU did the right thing... that you have not forgotten how to love... that you WILL be you, purely and unabashedly, regardless of how anyone else may choose to treat you. i'm not saying that being firm in your convictions will shield you from all pain, but it will make it possible for you to continue breathing. :) send the letter, milly. it will be all right.
i hardly have any words to describe this...the wisdom she gladly shares with me is so simple, so true. at times i have not trusted myself to know what i know. and with the breath of love, she can blow all my fears away. with those last two sentences, i exhaled and smiled and knew, in my heart of hearts, that when this woman tells me "it will be all right," it WILL be all right. the trust i have with her shocks me, still.

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