Sunday, April 17, 2005

i am not an alkie

this morning i crawled out of someone else's bed at 7:15.
the radio was on and blaring.
the girl beside me was asleep.
i was in a thong and a silk top.

in the bathroom i fell over
and guessed i was still drunk
so i crawled back into the bedroom
sat on the floor and tried to force
my eyes to focus so i could find
my clothes
my shoes
my keys

my recollection of the evening
plays out like cut up film strips
on the editing room floor
bits and pieces that don't flow
important info. missing

like how i got home
why i was in three different cars
why hill was asking me about cocaine
what did i say
who did i say it to
who closed out my tab
how did we get separated
why was i crying on the porch
how did i get up three flights of stairs
and into someone else's bed

if i had been pulled over at lunch today
i still would've blown a dui.
talking to hill doesn't help at all
just more questions
no answers

to close it out
when i said thanks
for taking care of me last night
this was the reply -
i took care of you last night?!

1 comment:

Under A Blackened Sky said...

OMG girl, you need a safety net. I don't even know you but for the words on your blog, but YOU'RE MAKING ME WORRY! Please be careful. As for me, hopeless co-dependent RN.