Thursday, April 28, 2005


holding that tiny life in my hands
looking into her eyes
she was searching in mine

love rushes from my heart
like paint onto a blank canvas
why do i care so much
for someone i've known for one day

my heart was hers from the
first moment i touched her
emaciated arm and she let out
her pitiful, heartbreaking
"i've never been outside the hospital
in all 5 months of my life" cry

my life felt like
a movie that day
as i held her in my arms
and watched her mother walk away
saying "i can't stay here another night"
"i won't leave her," i promised

that night this angel's very life
depended on me and me alone
motherhood must be this
times a thousand.
the love i had for her
literally dripped out of my pores.

and today, on my first day
on the pediatric unit
i have found my home.
i was meant to find
my way here.

our lives were meant
to intersect.


Jas... said...

That was very beautiful. I look forward to your future works. I especially like your way of making what happens to you a fulfilling path toward the devine. Very well done!

scribble said...

absolutely beautiful
brought tears to my eyes.
nice to "meet" you