Wednesday, March 16, 2005

sea world or see world?

10,000 pounds of black and whiteness
gliding towards me in true grace
shamu's omniscient eyes looked into mine
with concern and sadness

and although i was terribly thrilled
at the sight of this magnificent creature,
my heart broke for him,
for his captivity

we looked at one another,
through this plastic tank,
and i pressed my cheek against
the coldness of his home
as he rubbed his nose against mine

we studied one another through that
clear, but present barrier
i wondered
does he think that i am the performer
and he, the audience

the invisible wall offering glimpses
of a life he will never have...
much like my own invisible restraint
i can look at and feel and smell and hear
a life that would be unimaginable to experience

but when i reach out to touch it, to grab it
i am met by a cold, clear barrier
i may as well press my face to the glass
and stare at things i will never own

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Anonymous said...

Hi camille, shame on me for talking your post off of Rosie's - you wanted to know about how go about adopting. My partner and I of 15 years began being foster parents at your age and then later adopted 4 kids. It is possible and I'd be happy to converse with you about resources. jan