Friday, March 11, 2005

the sand slipping through my fingers

the sun beating down
on my darkening body,
the sound of the waves
rolling in closer
and then slipping away,
just out of reach...

i think i might sleep for a moment,
but i am too busy listening, loving,
worshipping the heat washing over me.
on this white sand, i am home.

i hear their laughter and wait,
eyes still closed and a small smile
making its way across my face

yes, here they come...
running up the beach, i hear cara
squealing in agony because tanna
can run faster than her...

grace yelling, because she's been
left behind sitting in a hole
dug by her sisters and then filled with water.

tanna falls down beside me,
throwing sand all over my towel,
and dripping cold, salty water on me.

i then squeal in agony at the chills
making their way over my legs
and yell"TANNA! don't drip on me!"

by this time i've been removed from
my placid, dream-like state,
so up i stand, brush off, and walk down
to retrieve my bebe from her sandy prison.

so pitiful, arms reaching for me
and eyes tearing up because they left her.
here come the other two, while i raise her up
to my hip and wipe the sand off her face.

down to the water we march, one on my hip
hanging onto my swimsuit straps, two at my sides,
hanging on to the bottom of my swim suit!
okay, losing the swim suit...

"Hold my HANDS," i shriek,
while grabbing
my bathing suit and yanking it up...

of course, they think this is funny
and i have to admit a small giggle escapes me
as i glance over my shoulder to make sure
no one saw the small portion of skin that was revealed.

into the water we wade, and they cling to me
like gum in my hair, letting out squeals of
excitement and pure terror that they might lose
their grip on my neck, or my arms, or my waist...

and we brave the waves together,
jumping, screaming, splashing and waiting for the
inevitable monster of all waves to clobber us
and send us scampering back to the safety of our
towels, only to talk of trying again after lunch.

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